U.S. Tax, International Tax, and Health Care Consulting and Compliance Experts
    RJP Consulting and Management Company, L.L.C. is a professional tax consulting and health care management firm that
    focuses on providing exceptional business tax and health care services at competitive prices.

    Areas of Concentration
    In order to provide the highest quality services at the lowest costs we focus on specific areas of business tax and healthcare
    consulting.  Following this approach, we leverage off our vast areas of expertise to provide efficient exceptional services
    that provide the biggest value for our clients, including:

    U.S. Tax
    U.S. Taxations is an ever changing and complicated body of law that strives to strike a balance between Federal, State and
    local government revenue generation and fair business practices.  Fortunately, legislators realize the benefits that U.S.
    companies provide to local economies and free trade.  As such, the Federal government affords taxpayers certain favorable
    tax deductions and tax credits to encourage certain activities.  The following activities, for which RJP Consulting and
    Management Company, L.L.C. are experts, provide great value to nearly all U.S. companies.  

  • U.S. Domestic Production Activity Deduction ("DPAD")
  • U.S. Depreciation Cost Segregation Studies ("Depreciation Solutions")
  • Research and Development Tax Credit Quantification and Documentation.
  • Financial Accounting Standards 109 Compliance
  • Sarbanes-Oxley 404 Compliance               

    International Tax
    As with U.S. taxes, companies doing business outside of the U.S. are afforded an opportunity to avoid double taxation on
    foreign income my maximizing certain tax positions.  The following tax incentives provide some of the largest tax benefits for
    U.S. companies.  They include:

  • Foreign Tax Credit Maximization ("FTC")
  • Extraterritorial Income Exclusion Deduction Optimization ("ETI")
  • Interest Charge - Domestic International Sales Corporation ("IC-DISC")
  • Allocation and Apportionment of Expenses (IRC §861-8)

    Healthcare Consulting and Compliance
    In addition to these services we also have extensive training and knowledge in the Healthcare sector.  Healthcare leaders
    have been faced with a variety of compliance and risk factors as a result of enhanced IRS enforcement and legislative
    pressures to create more government oversight.  RJP Consulting and Management Company, L.L.C. is well aware of the
    complexities facing health care leaders and can assist in a myriad of issues including:

  • Best practices for healthcare governance
  • Public compensation disclosure review and documentation
  • Tax-exempt bond financing and best practices for monitoring private use
  • Review and/or compile tax returns for tax-exempt organizations
  • Strategic planning and risk minimization

    Please visit the Healthcare section of this website for additional initiatives for which we are skilled in addressing.
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